Art Supplies

utrecht-logoI went out to get art supplies today — actually only drawing supplies, since I lost the 4 or 5 beautiful pieces of Arches cold-pressed 120lb. paper that I had leaning near my bedroom door.

Wow. I’ve been out of the art supply game for 7 or so years and look at how prices have gone up!

The price of photo-mount — once my weapon of choice, when I was doing super-fancy, surgical paper collages — has gone up a full 50%! I remember when the price hovered around $10 or $11. I’m sure framing people everywhere were pissed.

Charcoal? Vine charcoal, once the cheap-as-shit drawing medium that could once be had for $0.25 a branch now sells for 3x that amount and can be had in packages of four. Are real art students still using this crap? If so, they’re probably not paying 75 cents a branch for it — some money’s got to be left over for ramen noodles, someplace.

Anyway, I’m wondering how this awful economy has affected the art students of today and whether their number has withered since my school days…


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